Sunday, August 9, 2009


Precious memories are all I have left of my wonderful mother. A year ago today we buried her.

My mother was a great cook. I remember sitting in the kitchen as a teenager, and then as a young adult watching her prepare meals, that is how I learned to cook. I remember when my mother and I joined a gym and worked out together. We were both so uncoordinated, we laughed and laughed, and had a great time together, and lost weight.

The last time I saw her alive was when we buried our father. My daughter and I spent a few days with her after his funeral because her birthday was in a few days. The last thing I did for my mother was to prepare a special meal for her birthday including a birthday cake. When I left her room in the nursing home, I never would have thought that I would never see her alive again. I had such hopes for my mother. I wanted her to recover and go home. She did go home for a few short months, but ended up in the nursing home again and the family was told that she would never be able to go back home because her heart was too weak. I talked to her often on the phone, but there were times she did not even know who she was talking to.

This is what I wrote and read to my mother for her 80th birthday celebration:

A mother laughs our laughs, shed our tears, returns our love, fears our fears.
She lives our joys, cares our cares and all our hopes and dreams she shares.
It's always good to know you're always there with advice when it's asked for, with encouragement when it's needed, with kindness when it means the most.
A mother's love is like a garden reflecting tender care for wherever there is beauty, a mother's love is there.
How do you find the words to thank her for sacrifices she's made, for the ones we know about and the ones she's never told us of, and the countless times she put our needs before her own?
I hope you always know in your heart how much we love you, respect you, and thank you for the countless ways you have helped make our lives what they are today.
You've given love and so much more that all of us are thankful for and in our hearts, we all agree you're all a mother is meant to be.
I wrote this for my mother for Mother's Day in 2008. I never got the chance to read or give this to her:
This Mother's Day, I hope you find love, peace, and happiness.
I hope you find joy each and every day.
I wish for you to set a goal for yourself and strive to reach that goal,
no matter how small.
I wish for you take a very long look at your life and be very proud
of all your accomplishments. I know of the sacrifices you have made.
I dream of the day that I hear you laugh more, I dream of the day I see
you play more, and enjoying life to the fullest.
But most of all, I wish you love, peace, and happiness
this Mother's Day and forever more.
All I have left are the precious memories of my wonderful mother, and today and always, I will celebrate those memories and be eternally grateful to have those memories of the times we shared together.